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I didn't choose this lifestyle. It chose me.


Welcome to my blog. Instruct is the design agency of graphic designer John Owens, based in Central Manchester.

My main work site can be found here:


The next phase

In Progress Posted on Thu, March 19, 2009 14:12:14

And so one of the first jobs as Instruct, I’m tweaking the brand for Interior designers NoChintz. Work will include stationary, website, brochures and lovely stickers!

Keep watching…

The Conductor

In Progress Posted on Thu, February 05, 2009 14:33:45

Independent Film Poster / Typography / Packaging

Feel The …

In Progress Posted on Tue, February 03, 2009 19:33:38

Rejection! Nothing worse than a client changing their mind after a good days worth of work. Oh well I thought things were going well, suppose I could always use this for a Valentines card.

The Greatest Show On Earth

In Progress Posted on Fri, January 23, 2009 10:46:20

Wedding Invites / Website

Theme ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’

E3 Allstars

In Progress Posted on Fri, January 02, 2009 12:19:07

As mentioned in my last entry, I’m going back to my roots working on some club flyers/promotions. When I started as a designer I used to knock out loads of flyers for all kinds of nights then eventually started my own night with friends back in 2005 in Manchester. I think designing flyers is a must for a graphic designer, you have such a small space to convey a message, sell a product and make sure someone takes it home and sticks it on their wall. 

Some of the biggest compliments I’ve had have been when I’ve been in student houses and seen my flyers on their walls or on their fridge. Also its a good way of getting your website printed 5000 times every few weeks and handed out to people!

Anyway here are some quick grabs from a night in London I’m working on, it has an 80’s/90’s NBA Basketball theme which conjures up lots of visual references including the iconic foam finger!

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