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Welcome to my blog. Instruct is the design agency of graphic designer John Owens, based in Central Manchester.

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Inspiration Posted on Sat, September 26, 2009 14:40:06

I own many boxsets, limited edition 12″s and quite a like a lot of designers a hell of a lot of sleeve art so when I heard Warp were going to release a boxset for their 20 anniversary I knew it would be something very special.

Looking at all the records I own, Warp stand out as one label that have no only inspired me graphically but introduced me to so much good music. When Warp do something special they really do something amazing, Autechre’s last album showed that in an age of downloads the sleeve can still rule and make people want to own an object rather than data.

So this boxset is fitting in many ways, the music ranges from fan chosen tracklists to unheard rarities all packaged together as you would expect from a quality label who knows their audience well. One of the big highlights of the package is the book which documents every single single/album sleeve from Warp including a great foreword from Steve Beckett. Being a big tDR/Build/UE fan it’s interesting to see the development of techniques and packaging over the years all lovingly put together by London design studio YES.

I’ve uploaded some images to Flickr and they can be found here

Warp20 Boxset information/tracklist here

Farrow / Spiritualized

Want Posted on Wed, September 16, 2009 09:30:13

I love Twitter I really do because when i get into work I find out about great things like this (as opposed to what Stephen Fry had for breakfast).

Farrow has put up this stealth piece of work on his site in anticipation of the re-release of the classic ‘Ladies & Gentleman We Are Floating In Space’ on Monday 16th November.

I’m a big fan of Farrow as mentioned here but I love his packaging work even more. This looks like a great remix of a design classic and with only 3,000 copies I’m sure an instant collectors item.

Read more here on Grafikcache and Farrow


Like Posted on Sun, September 13, 2009 21:13:20

By far the funniest blog I’ve read for a long time, read the diary of Dave Knockles – Client Supremo! A really funny insight into the clients point of view with work

and campaign and of course being taken out by the ‘Agency Boys for Beerz’

Brilliant stuff I AM THE CLIENT BLOG


Want Posted on Wed, September 02, 2009 21:40:38

Great print update over at Because Studio, if only I had more wall space!

You can buy them here

Found over at Grafikcache

Long time… no type!

Rant Posted on Tue, September 01, 2009 11:24:46

I’ve just realised it has been over 1.5 months since my last blog post, whether anyone reads this or not that amount of time is way too much!

But in my defense for the last month I have been in China and Japan, so now I’m back and raring to go with my new purchased robots and lots of print work. Over the coming week i’ll upload some print that I have found and try to keep things a little more regular.

MJ Pantone

Like Posted on Tue, July 14, 2009 12:17:07

Taken from EDHV and found on FFF


Like Posted on Sun, July 12, 2009 23:45:53

Nice icon set to accompany Helvetica, bit steep in price but there’s a few nice folder icons downloads for free on


Manchester Procession

Rant Posted on Tue, July 07, 2009 14:51:46

I had the pleasure of attending the Manchester Procession at the weekend, curated by Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller. Celebrating a modern mix of people and culture that make up Manchester the whole thing worked really well. Marches included boy racers from Stockport, Big Issue sellers and Manchester’s forgotten landmarks.

More information and on going exhibition Manchester Procession

Generation Press / Build

Like Posted on Fri, July 03, 2009 13:44:54

A nice way to kick off your new website with great piece by Build and refreshing to see a printers website looking like this…

‘Lard’ by Commonwealth

Printed by Generation Press

Lard Design / Website Design / GP Identity by Build

We May Vary

Links Posted on Tue, June 09, 2009 13:21:55

It’s graduate show time and always good to see what my old uni are up to:

University of Salford Showcase – We May Vary

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