Bristol Flags

Sometimes you see a piece of print that not only makes your draw drop, it makes you green with envy. This happens less and less now with budgets being cut and clients preferring a more digital route but now and again a real gem comes through that makes you fall in love with the process all over again.

I was delighted to see Christoph Shaw last week who kindly handed me one of their latest calendars which in true Shaw&Shaw fashion made you smile as well as made you envy at their creativity. Designed by Music this gorgeous calendar is printed/embossed onto heavyweight stock with lots of clever die-cutting giving you a choice of using the months image as a postcard. So much attention to detail has been given to the folding and printing which is trademark of Music’s craft for design.

This is married with Shaw&Shaw’s beautiful photography, some very simple but catching the essence of Britishness and some from other projects they have worked on. One of these projects being Lakeshore in Bristol which I had the pleasure of working with them both on.

If you have never seen or heard of Jo Shaw & Christoph Shaw then go and have a look at their website, again designed by Music.

Talented Bas***ds!