I went to the launch of Home Grown last night at Urbis here in Manchester which features the story of the emergence of UK Hip Hop and its current place in the music industry today. A subject close to me being a fan of UK and US Hip Hop this exhibition shows our own take on what was happening in the Bronx back in the early 80’s, taking in breakdancing, graffiti and turntablism.

It was great to see old B-Boy crew videos and the whole mixtape culture which reminded me of searching though my mates older brothers tapes when I was younger and them teaching me to crab on sheets old old sheets of kitchen lino.

Everything is put together really well with design by Leeds own Peter & Paul, lots of sleeve art/graphics and flows chronologically to now with labels such as Big Dada, If your around it’s well worth dropping by and is on until March 2010.

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Home Grown – Urbis

Peter & Paul Website